Big Thing Korean Drama

Big Thing - Korean Drama


Broadcasting company: SBS
Official Website :
Also known as: The President, Big Things, Big Fish
Genre : Drama / Romance
Airing Dates: 2010/10/06~2010/12/23
Screenplay: Hwang Eun-kyeong, Yoo Dong-yoon
Directed by: Jo Hyeon-tak, Kim Cheol-gyoo, Oh Jong-rok
Episodes: 24
Also known as : “Daemul” and “Big Things”, “The President”, “Big Fish”, “The Substitute”


Main Casts :
Ko Hyun Jung as Maureen Seo (Seo Hye Rim)
Kwon Sang Woo as Edward Ha (Ha Do Ya)
Cha In Pyo as Victor Kang (Kang Tae San)
Lee Soo Kyung as Jang Se Jin
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Bae Ho
Lee Soon Jae as Baek Sung Min

“Big Thing” is now being aired at GMA-7. The story revolving around love and politics makes the story of interesting. Maureen’s (Ko Hyun Jung – Lady Mishil in Queen Seon Deok) rise to power as the first female president of South Korea started when her husband, another TV announcer, was sent to Afghanistan to cover a story. But her husband became a hostage and was later killed. She blamed the Korean government for not doing anything to save the hostages.

Edward Ha (Kwon Sang Woo – Cholo of Stairway to Heaven), a fellow without an ambition before he met Maureen, plays one of her love interest. He met Maureen on a bus while she was on her way to an interview and a pervert took advantage. The events after the meeting led him to worked hard and become a prosecutor for revenge.

Victor Kang (Cha In Pyo), an ambitious congressman, urged Maureen to run for president for his own ambitions.

Politics, as they, is a dirty game. Can Maureen play both the role of a single mother while doing her job as a politician?